Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Mu tunggu Ku datang~

Assalamualaikum Long time i did not write in my network diary.. Because I just finished my Exam for my Intensive class.. Alhamdulilah for my result I got a good grade..NOW! I do not know what will go on with me Happy? Sad?  sad or happy are all testing form ALLAH am i right ? YEsSsss! anyway i do not know what the future holds for me but i know that who holds it~ <3 ALLAH <3 So i have to doa n Tawakal!

Orang yg paling capat dalam meminta maaf adalah org yg paling BERANI
Orang yg paling cepat memaafkan adalah org yg PALING KUAT
Orang yang paling cepat melupakan kesalahan org lain adalah org yg PALING BAHAGIA

I always have a question for myself ! Why that happens? I always think about my past. About people who was hurt me.. why ? why ? why? i can forgive but why i cannot forget? Maybe I am crazy  haha~ its very hard for me. i was trying to forget it But! nO i cannot!  BUT! Alhamdulilah  Today i can do it! forget it! becoz i watched this movie => Mu tunggu Ku datang ( ustaz azhar idrus)..in this movie teach me to be patient Everything that happens all are having reason..we have to believe Qada n Qadar.. Everything that happens all are having Hikmah..ALLAH has planed everything and ALLAh knows what is good n bad for us.. Just put your trust on HIM... Be Patient and Tough Someday this pain will be Useful for me Insyaalah ! Is not easy to get JANNAH So the patient is the first step....YAH!!! fighting!

Smile n keep fighting! and tell to myself do not be sad with my sadness  that happened because tomorrow ALLAH will give me a happiness for me sebagai hadiah ketabahan hari ini! Believe it! INSYAALAH!! hehe AMinnnnnnnn....