Friday, 15 November 2013

Al-Quran change my life~

Assalamualaikum~ Dear my diary ^_^ 

 I love you so much! <3 AL-QURAN <3  as we know Al-Quran is the text or word of ALLAH.
Al-Quran has always been a light in my life but ever since I have begun to understand it, it has changed my life dramatically for a better life..

Before I used to angry,emo bla222.... But since I have begun to understand it, it has changed me! I become calmer and easy to forgive and bla2... It has changed me so much! Al-Quran close me with ALLAH. When i was alone, the Al-Quran was there for me and was my friend! Al-Quran helps me to answer all of my questions about life~ what should I do? When I have a problem, how to solve a problem, how to be a good child and many more.Al-Quran tells me stories and tell to be patient in life and put my trust to ALLAH.

But, So sad ~ how many of us ? That always reads AL-Quran everyday ? How many of us actually finished reading the Al-Quran? Hrummmm~ BUT! How many of us spend a lot of money to buy varieties (novel) of book from various authors, read them all and know their contents by heart. but WHY not do the same with QURAN? (for me too~  -_-'' ) try to take time with Al-Quran at least 1 page per a day~ Can u? try it! Try try!! ~ Believe me if you try it and insyaalah it will become your habit~  and you will miss the QURAN when u let it.